• Mediterranéo de obras y asfaltos in Alicante.

    We make every kind of civil engineering and We make sport courts from the beginning to the end

  • We treat our waste in order to improve the environment

    MOA. We make our own Asphalt Paving Mixtures

  • We recycle Asphalt Paving Mixtures waste

    We own a laboratory that analyses all our products!

Own laboratory

MOA have their own laboratory facilities in the town of Torrellano to analyse in a very strict way the quality of all raw materials as well as all processed asphalt paving mixtures

Asphalt paving mixture plant

MOA have their own two asphalt paving mixture Plants which produce asphalt between 100 and 150 Tm/day.

Waste treatment

MOA also have their own Mill to treat their asphalt paving mixture waste, they are environmentally responsible and take care of the farming surroundings.

About MOA

“Mediterráneo de Obras y Asfaltos” (MOA) were based in the city of Alicante, they focus on the production and usage of hot asphalt paving mixtures. Although they are a relatively young enterprise they have highly qualified and experienced team members. They have their own laboratory in their plant facilities which allows them to control their aggregate mixtures on a daily basis. It should be pointed out that they have implemented the CE on their aggregate mixtures

Former customers

Alicante Council, Elche Council, Villena Council, Telefónica, Water systems of Alicante, Alcoy Council, Water systems of Valencia, Esclapes, Ecisa and a long list of little companies and city councils.


Hot Asphalt Paving Mixtures Read more

We spread out and compact hot asphalt paving mixtures using adapted machinery.


Streetprint Read more

It is an innovative hot asphalt paving mixture which has interesting colour and shape finishes.


Civil engineering repairs Read more

Inspection hatches installed (lighting, water, telecommunications). Supply connections and manhole covers installation. Roadwork.


Asphalt paving mixtures repairsRead more

Road holes mechanical fixing, it is done when the holes on the road are big; road holes manual fixing, it is done when there are small holes on the road.

Sport courts Read more

Sport courts construction from scratch, from levelling to adding court elements.


Bituminous grout Read more

“Slurry” is a bituminous grout which is spread out on the asphalt and gives it a better resistance and longer durability, it repairs little imperfections, covers irregularities and provides it with surface uniformity.


Surface treatmentsRead more

Surface treatment consists of applying alternate and successive bonding asphalt layers to an existing asphalt surfaces.