Bituminous grout

Tratamientos de Slurrys

SLURRY is a bituminous grout which is spread out on the asphalt and gives it a better resistance and longer durability, it repairs little imperfections, covers irregularities and provides it with surface uniformity.


1. PROTECTION: Provides a new wearing surface, protecting the lower layers of the pavement. Applied opportunely, it allows to delay the deterioration of the existing asphalt layer.

2. ECONOMY: It allows to postpone rehabilitation actions (of greater cost).

3. SAFETY: Corrects the surface texture of the pavement when it has low slip resistance.

4. SURFACE APPEARANCE AND QUALITY: Corrects surface deterioration such as loss of coarse and fine aggregates, covers irregularities and provides a uniform surface, providing aesthetic value to the pavement.


It has excellent adhesion to the base floor, adapting easily to any type of support without generating dusts

Extends the life of aged or cracked pavements, sealing major surface cracks.

Used in streets, sidewalks, car parks, sports courts

Depending on the use and quality of the existing surface, it can be applied in one or two layers.

It is applied on asphalt or concrete surfaces.

Possibility to color the mix (red, blue, green) to delimit or highlight areas.

The base surface must be regularized, clean and free of dust, grease and foreign substances.