Projected asphalt

Projected asphalt

We work with a hot reactive system composed of an emulsion of a bituminous material, specially adapted for this system and an arid of small granulometry, whereby the material perfectly penetrates into the surface to be treated obtaining great results..


Preparation of the surface. Potholes are cleaned by pressurized air, thus removing any loose materials that may be on them.

Adhesion irrigation. The treated area is irrigated with an emulsion of a bituminous material specially made for this kind of treatment.

Projected asphalt. The mixture of bituminous and dry emulsion is directly applied on the affected area from the truck by high pressure, ending the extension with the redistribution of the latter in order to achieve a flat surface

Compaction. When the extension of the mixture is finished it is compacted with a roller.

Irrigation. Finally, the entire treated area is watered with the bituminous emulsion in order to get a great sealed surface.


Reduced staff costs (One truck and 2 workers).

Eco-friendly, recyclable and solvent-free system.

It can be baked at temperatures up to 5° C.

Once the application is finished, the zone can be walked on immediately.

Used in streets, roads and highways.

It can be applied in ditches, patching, layer detachments, ditch repairs, and rushes.